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Buy Backpacks Online At Whether you are buying a backpack for carrying your books and laptop to college, or you are looking for one for travelling, picking the right one is important for any purpose you have in mind. Pick a large one and you will have to carry too much extra weight. If it’s too small, you will never be able to fit all your important stuff in. If you buy the wrong material, your stuff will end up soaking wet during rains. So what should you buy? We are here to help you exactly with that. How to choose the right backpack? Whether you are in the market for backpacks for men, or women backpacks, there are multiple factors that you should consider before you zero in on one. Available in a wide selection of models, colors, designs and prices, picking the right backpack can be easier said than done. Let us first look into types of backpacks available online. Types of backpacks Backpacks can be generally classified into three types: daypacks, internal frame and external frame packs. Since the daypacks do not have frames, they are lightweight and soft-backed. Most of them also feature hipbelts to keep the bag securely in place and prevent thumping on your back. These bags are ideal for bike rides and short mountain hikes. You can also use them to carry your books to college or your sports gear. The internal frame ones feature semi-flexible frames built into their back panels. This design feature offers you better balance and easy movement. The external frame packs have strong, tubular metal frames supporting the bags from the outside. As a result, these packs do not stay very close to your body and offer you better ventilation in hot and humid climates. These heavy-duty packs are ideal for long hiking expeditions and travelling, as their frames make it easy to strap on bulky or oddly shaped gear on to them. What to look for in a backpack? Buying a backpack is no rocket science. As long as a bag covers all the following bases it is good to go. Let us look into a few of the basic yet important factors that you should consider while buying a pack. Waterproof material – The material your pack is crafted from doesn’t need to be 100% water-resistant, but ensure that the one you buy is made of semi-waterproof materials so that your personal belongings stay safe during accidental spills and light rain. Many backpacks come with covers that prove useful in protecting your bag from dust and light drizzle. Multiple compartments – Backpacks with multiple compartments help you break up your personal stuff into smaller sections so that it is easy for you to find or access them later when you are in a hurry. You can put your keys, phone and small knick-knacks in one compartment and use the others to store clothes, books or socks, etc. It also saves your precious time from having to rummage your entire bag for a small item. Padded shoulder straps and back – A pack with a padded back and shoulder straps make carrying it easy. These features help in evenly distributing the weight on your shoulders and back and facilitates easy locomotion. Buy backpacks online Online shopping sites offer you backpacks from a variety of brands such as American Tourister, Reebok, Wildcraft, High Sierra, Lavie, Skybags and Nike at good discounts. Moreover, various payment methods make shopping online smooth and hassle-free.