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Buy Computer Components Online At A computer without its components is just a mere box. A motherboard, a processor, a RAM, a hard disk, a graphics card, SMPS, cooling fans and more make a computer. At Moonboy, a variety of these components are available for you to choose from. You can shop online for everything at one place and save yourself from the hassle of looking all over for computer parts that meet your needs. Shop Online for Computer Components Anyone who is planning to upgrade the desktop computer and is looking for parts should go through the collection available at Moonboy. Those who want to play computer games will find a graphics card of their liking here. Once you install a graphics card, you can play many games to your heart's content. At times, the SMPS of a desktop computer malfunctions and prevents it from starting up. To solve this problem, you may opt for an SMPS. Those who are looking for motherboards can shop for the same from brands like Intel, ASUS, Zebronics, Booster, Gigabyte, ECS and more. To ensure that you never run out of power, opt for a UPS. Never Slow Down Those planning to assemble a new computer cabinet must buy a processor. At Moonboy, you will find processors from Intel, AMD and others. Opt for a processor based on its processing speed, number of cores, type of socket or the generation. You may opt for an Intel core i3, i5, i7 or a Celeron processor. Once you decide upon the processor, choose an internal hard disk. There are hard disks with memory capacities ranging from 32GB to 3TB. Choose an 8GB RAM to ensure that your system does not slow down. To watch your favourite TV channels on your computer, shop for a TV tuner card. Along with all these components, you may also opt for cabinets that look stylish and will complement the interiors of your study or your room. Those facing overheating problems on their laptop must take a look at the range of cooling fans. Whether you are assembling a computer from scratch, or looking for spare parts, if you want all the computer components at an economical price, buy computer components online at Moonboy today.