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Syska 3W Led Bulb Pack Of 4

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Philips 14W Led Bulb

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Syska 7W Led Bulb Pack Of 3

Rs. 1797    Rs. 1571   

Philips 9W Led Bulb

Rs. 635    Rs. 599   

Philips 14W Led Bulb

Rs. 9240    Rs. 8831   

Philips 7W Led Bulb Pack Of 2

Rs. 1000    Rs. 540   

Philips 0.5W Pack Of 4

Rs. 400    Rs. 355   

Philips 7W Pack Of 5 Led Bulb

Rs. 1350    Rs. 1299   

Buy led lights for home online on Moonboy

Whether it is your living room Led lighting, bed room or your kitchen Led lighting, bulbs are required everywhere even your store room requires light bulbs. Though they do not consume much of your electricity bill but if switched on all together they can cost you bomb. So LED bulbs are the best, they are cost efficient and eco friendly both.

LED stands for light emitting diode and they are designed in such a way that they give away brighter light and even consume less electricity.

buy led bulbs online one must even take care of the type of lighting you would require in a room, like for your bedroom have a set of bright and dim lights both to have pleasant effects.

If you make proper use of the LED lights then you can use the both indoor and outdoor as they won’t be costing you a lot.


Types of Bulbs

There are n no of types of bulbs that you can choose from, CFL, bedroom LED lighting, bathroom LED lighting, halogen and fluorescent lights as well. Though cfl bulbs are the choices of many people nowadays, you can find buy CFL lights online India and you can also led lights for home online shopping.

They give away a very war and intimidating light to which ever room you are using them in, CFL bulbs are even easy to fit and install them in the house and they provide a very unique touch and light shade in the room.

Choosing any of these above mentioned lights will be bringing efficiency and durable light bulbs to the house.

But if you want to go completely eco friendly then LED bulbs are the best choices, you must know that they are cost efficient and gives equal amount of light like the others.

They don’t cause any heat buildup; they do not emit any gases and are free from mercury as well. Fixing them into standard light fixtures is easier, they remain cool and one doesn’t need to keep changing the bulbs time and time again if they are using LED bulbs, these are the best choices and they are found easily as well, buy led lights online and buy CFL bulb online india at best prices

Shapes and color shades

Nowadays lighting is available in every amusing shape and color shade both, pick up the correct combinations of shapes and lights for occasions and regular use both.