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Rs. 1200    Rs. 950   

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Design O Print Magical Torch

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Design O Print Magical Torch

Rs. 399    Rs. 299   

Design O Print Magical Torch

Rs. 399    Rs. 299   

Rl-20 Emergency Lights

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Emergency Lights (White)

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NL-937 Torches (Black)

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omm 1800m Rechargeable Torches

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omm 50w Zy Torches (Multicolor)

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OMM 800m Torches

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AD 098 Torches

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X2 Torches

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N17 Solar Lights (Yellow)

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20LED067 Emergency Lights (Maroon)

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Bright Emergency Lights

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Bright Emergency Lights (Blue)

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Spark Emergency Lights (Red)

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DEL06T1 Emergency Lights (Blue)

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Venus 15L Emergency Lights (Blue)

Rs. 4000    Rs. 3350   

MSNL104 Emergency Lights (White)

Rs. 2000    Rs. 1650   

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How many ever cell phones we have or brave are we, we still light good amount of light to clear the way during the dark time. There are times when we are stuck on dark streets or there was a sudden power cut and during that time we surely do needs lights. Torch lights are the only way out then, now we even have High Power Led Torch Light for you if you want long lasting lights.

Flash lights and torch lights are the best mates if you want to escape darkness but what if they drain out? Well these batteries though last longer but also have high chances of draining out. Have you experienced a scenario where your torch light battery drained at the time of emergency?  Well for that scenario now you have rechargeable led torch.

Rechargeable Torch Light Long Distance lights are mainly for safety purpose and to avoid any accidents while you are still in dark.

These rechargeable batteries are like your mobile phones where you keep recharging them and they become long lasting.


Types of torches

  • Long handle torch – Now this is mostly used by watchmen where the handle of the torch is excessively long, the handle is like a long bar and are also light in weight and easy to carry as well.
  • Spot hand held torch – the spot hand torches are quite bigger in size and are mainly to produce spot light sort of effect while you are using them. Though they are still built with handle so that one can hold them.
  • Rechargeable torch - now this type of torches are divided into two different types, one of them is using the solar power torches and the second one is the electricity power.
  • Pocket torches – The name of the torch is self explanatory that they are small and pocket sized only. They are very handy and easy to use, and one can even use this torch with the keychain, so you can even go and search your way in dark anytime you want.
  • High beam head torch – if you are working in a garage and doing any work that keeps your hand busy, you can wear on your hand and use it when you are in dark.
  • Lantern torch - these torches usually look like traditional lanterns and the only difference between them and the others is that this can also be used for decorative purposes.


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