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Buy Refrigerators Online at Stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables, preserving jars of homemade pickles, sipping on chilled drinks and popsicles, or storing leftover food, refrigerators are truly one of the most useful innovations that science and technology has bestowed on us. Imagine a world without these appliances. Think about the amount of food that’ll go to waste, how much more unbearable summer will be, and how limited our culinary experiments will be. With many factors working in their favour, it comes as no surprise that today, these appliances are more of a necessity than a luxury. The question is, how do you know that you’re getting a good deal out of a refrigerator? Are there set factors that distinguish a good fridge from a not-so-reliable one? The answer is yes. For a clear picture on what constitutes a good-quality refrigerator, here’s a list of distinctions that make each refrigerator unique: Type of refrigerators One of the first things that pops into anyone’s mind when it comes to fridges is their style. Are they compact enough to fit a small-sized room? Will they be large enough to accommodate the many of a large family? Based on your needs, you can choose from: Single door fridges – These are generally small refrigerators that are ideal for bachelors or small families. The freezer compartment is also built into the fridge. Double door fridges – These fridges feature separate doors for the freezer and fridge. Ideal for a family of four, these kitchen appliances are energy efficient and spacious. Side-by-side fridges – These cooling appliances have two doors that open up into two separate sections. They offer more storage space than double door fridges, with some of them even featuring ice dispensers. Triple door fridges – If you have a large family and like to stock up for the week, then a triple door refrigerator is what you need. These fridges have separate doors for the freezer, vegetable, and main section. French door bottom mount – These are basically double door fridges, with an additional bottom drawer attached to them. Portable fridges – Compact in size, these coolers are perfect for when you want to carry around a stash of chilled drinks. What impact does a star rating have on refrigerators? Each refrigerator is meted out with a star rating which indicates its energy efficiency level. The higher the star rating, the more energy efficient it is. The star rating ranges from 1 to 5. If you want an an energy-efficient refrigerator, we can think of no better bet than fridges with the inverter technology. These fridges use about 30-50% less energy than regular fridges which helps cut on electricity costs. Defrosting type of refrigerators Frost-free refrigerators do not need to be manually defrosted while direct cool refrigerators defrost ice using a natural convection. The frost-free models are better at maintaining consistent temperatures while the direct cool ones are more energy-efficient. Mini-freezers and coolers feature the thermoelectric cooling technology that makes them vibration-free and energy efficient. Importance of a refrigerator’s capacity The capacity of these appliances is measured in litres. A refrigerator with a 50 L capacity is equipped to hold more items than a 35 L model. Buy refrigerators online to access the latest and the best of these appliances Sansui, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, Kelvinator, Bosch, Godrej, BPL, Panasonic, Videocon, GEM, and Electrolux, are some of the top brands whose refrigerators you can check out, compare, and buy from the comfort of your home if you shop for them online.